Infinitink is a high quality tattoo ink engineered specifically for future removability. Today all tattoos are permanent and all are removable. But removing a tattoo usually involves several laser treatments from a dermatologist. An Infinitink tattoo is just as permanent as any other, but it can be removed with minimal lasering. That means less expense, less time and less pain.

Technically, Infinitink are part of a two-hundred and fifty billion dollar worldwide skin care industry. But they will rather focus on what they do: body art, aesthetics, cosmetics and therapeutics.

At Freedom2, they have got you covered, whether it's with a tattoo - Infinitink means they're permanent and yet more easily removed - or shielding you from the sun - using NBlock, which safely features the best ingredient for blocking UVA and UVB rays.

How is Infinitink different?

It's actually not all that different. An Infinitink tattoo is permanent yet removable because of its construction.

A patented proprietary process (P2E) is used to treat the pigments suspended in the ink. Scientists have perfected the dissolution of the pigment so that, when passed over with a laser, the tattoo will be removed with fewer laser treatments than a conventional tattoo.