MCP-96 is a low melting point alloy, main ingredience is lead. The melting point is 96°C which can easily be reached in any of our melting pots.
Compared to a MCP-70 (not sold anymore) the contents of this alloy does not include Cadmium, which is highly toxic.

The main danger in the alloy MCP-96 is based on the contained lead. Therefore, the alloy should be classified as lead:

The metal is not subject for marking. In powder and granular form, the marking "Xn, harmful "is recommended.

No measureable amount of lead vapor is detected upon heating of MCP 96 to 110°C. The calculated vapor pressure at 10-18 Torr (mm Hg), and is therefore negligible. Due to this vaporizing of the alloy is not considered as a hazard.

During processing of the alloy, users must be protected against generated metal dust, using proper ventilation and respiratory masks. For lead dust, there is a MAC (maximum allowable concentration) of 0.1 mg / m³ (total dust). As a respiratory mask with particle filter Class P 2 is recommended.

Furthermore, ensure stringent workplace hygiene. The following safety precautions are recommended:

- S 13 Keep separate from food and drink
- S 20/21 Do not eat, drink or smoke during work

When compliance with the above recommendations (to avoid dust generation and skin contact) is not expected of a health hazard in the workplace. Since our MCP 96 is not supplied in powder or granule form, the product is not classified as a hazardous material

Key Specifications/Special Features: