Par Scientific A/S is now introducing ClearSat MRI bag. In collaboration with Research Center for Advanced Imaging, Zealand University Hospital (RCAI) PAR Scientific A/S has introduced a new tool to dramatically enhance the images from MR scanners.

Optimal image quality of the MRI sytem requires a homogenous magnetic field. The magnetic susceptibility differences between air, tissue, bone and fat causes inhomogeneity which in turn causes artifacts and distortion of the MR image. This problem obviously affects diagnostics accuracy.

ClearSat Vacuum bag will eliminate the geometrical distortion near the curve of the body and projected to the outer layer of the collar. The Result can be seen below. Top row is achieved with ClearSat, bottom row same image but without. The diffusion weighed image to the right shows more clearly the effect of the ClearSat.

ClearSat bag
Today almost any image recorded on 1,5T from the neck and shoulder region is, at least to some extent, blurred by inhomogeneity artifacts. On a 3 Tesla MRI scanner the problem is even worse, since the Signal-to-Noise ratio lowers in areas of anatomical curves. Many studies on sequence modulation and post processing techniques to overcome the blurring and distortion mainly concentrated around shimming procedures and developing dedicated radiofrequency pulses, have been conducted though the last 10 years with varying success.

ClearSat carries an important potential for visualizing lymph nodes in patients with neck cancer. Inhomogeneity reducing collars for breasts, shoulders, elbows etc. are easily designable.

ClearSat is due to its design capable of eliminating airgap between patient and bag will stay in place once vacuum is applied. This unique design offers the flexibility to apply the cushion to the desired ROI´s.

Below are two images showning the advantages using ClearSat in MRI.

Left side is without the use of ClearSat, right side is including ClearSat.

ClearSat MRI

Acd4mk5 display